US diplomat spoke about new sanctions against Russia

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The American diplomat did not rule out that the United States will impose additional sanctions against Nord Stream 2. About this with reference to the publication “Glavred Ukraine” reports the TV channel 360.

An employee of the American diplomatic department, Kurt Volcker, in an interview with Ukrainian journalists, noted that although at the current stage the US government abandoned plans to impose sanctions against Russia due to Nord Stream 2, it still does not exclude such a possibility. The criterion for introducing new restrictive measures against Russian officials and business will be the purpose for which the gas pipeline will be used by the RF Government. If it attempts to influence European politics through economic blackmail, sanctions will be imposed immediately.

Recall that earlier, following the results of negotiations between the United States and the FRG, it was decided that the American authorities would not yet hinder the construction of the gas pipeline, provided that the transit of gas through Ukraine would be maintained in the same volume, and the FRG would invest additional funds in the development of alternative energy in this country.

The construction of Nord Stream 2 was completed on September 10, 2021. The initial completion date was shifted due to the imposition of US sanctions against contractors, including against the Swiss Allseas.

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