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Germany: SPD Chancellor candidate wins televised debate
Olaf Scholz, the SPD candidate for the new German chancellor in the upcoming Bundestag elections, won a televised debate with his main rival, CDU leader
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Top Marketing Terms
NAVIGATION Navigation is moving around the site, moving from one page to another. It is important to understand how users choose to navigate a site in
What topic to choose for the siteWorld News
What topic to choose for the site
Today I want to talk to our newest entrepreneurs, those who have just embarked on the path of Internet business but still do not know which topic to choose for the site.
Tesla plans to make clothesWorld News
Tesla plans to make clothes
Tesla recently applied for a trademark called Cyberquad. The logo will be displayed on T-shirts, shirts, jackets, hats, children’s clothing, shoes and trousers.
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Good news for extroverts
If you are an outgoing, energetic and cheerful person, congratulations! Your health is probably very strong, you are always in a good mood and it is difficult
Dmitry Rogozin invites Ilona Mask "for tea"World News
Dmitry Rogozin invites Ilona Mask “for tea”
Dmitry Rogozin wishes to meet with Elon Musk. Elon is currently the founder of a space company called SpaceX. Dmitry plans to discuss the origin of the
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Coronavirus in Italy. Study: risk of death 15 times higher in unvaccinated people over 80
The Italian Institute of Health Services on Saturday released the latest information on the coronavirus based on an analysis of data on the course of the epidemic.
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Talking Tom and Ben News for Android
Tom and Ben will not let you get bored, their funny antics can cheer up even the most gloomy person. These characters will repeat in turn after you, it
New photo from the artist of the duet "Artik and Asti"World News
New photo from the artist of the duet “Artik and Asti”
In her free time, the artist “Asti” experiments with her appearance. The other day, the girl did a hair dye. Previously, “
Megan Fox in a coatWorld News
Megan Fox in a coat
Meghan often dresses stylishly. The girl prefers not to leave her subscribers without candid shots. The 35-year-old star currently resides in New York. “
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Chile made announcement about dinosaur skeleton found in 2009
Chilean scientists announced the discovery of the remains of the oldest dinosaur in the southern hemisphere of the Earth. This is reported by Rossiyskaya