New US anti-missile

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The US military has successfully tested a new missile defense system. This is reported by TASS with reference to a press release from the US Department of Defense.

The new missile defense system (ABM) is being developed in the United States as part of the update of the technical and software component of the ABM Agency, which is a separate independent division of the US Department of Defense. The main task of the department is to detect and destroy ballistic missiles of a potential enemy carrying nuclear charges.

American media reports that the new missile uses a unique two-stage intercept technology. In practice, this means that the strategic capabilities of the missile will be expanded, as well as flexibility in targeting. It is assumed that the last, third, stage will be able to take the carrier away from the interception target even in the last seconds before defeat. This will allow you to quickly and accurately destroy the highest priority targets.

Detailed tactics and technical characteristics of the missile were not disclosed, as well as its official code.


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