New covid strain is taking over Ecuador

New covid strain is taking over Ecuador World News

A new strain of the mu coronavirus is gaining momentum in Ecuador. About this with reference to official sources reports the edition “Ecuador Today”.
For the first time, the “mu” strain was talked about about a month ago – the modification of the COVID-19 virus is a local variation, which, nevertheless, in its structure resembles the “beta” version that has spread in South Africa. Ecuadorian expert Alberto Narvaez spoke about the similarity of the two versions of the coronavirus.

The new strain was most widespread in the province of Pichincha, with 459 new cases accounting for almost 28% of the total. The World Health Organization (WHO) has incorporated the version of the virus into its official protocol.

Ecuadorian health officials point out that the mu strain is an adaptation of the coronavirus. It arose as a result of long-term interaction with vaccinees and was able to develop an effective defense mechanism. In this case, vaccination ceases to be a sufficient means of countering the epidemiological threat. Especially, according to local officials, this concerns the British vaccines company AstraZeneca.

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