Good news for extroverts

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If you are an outgoing, energetic and cheerful person, congratulations! Your health is probably very strong, you are always in a good mood and it is difficult for you to sit in one place. Extroverts have much stronger immune systems than introverts, according to a study published in the international medical journal Psychoneuroendocrinology.

A blood sample was taken from the study participants and a personal questionnaire was completed in parallel. Results, achievements? The most socially oriented and passionate people have more anti-inflammatory genes in their leukocytes, which protect them from asthma, celiac disease and other diseases.

Scientists believe that the frequent contact with many people from different circles, inherent in extroverts, acts as “tempering”. Thus, their immunity becomes stronger, producing enough antibodies to fight off the viruses that some of the people with whom extroverts communicate.

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