Glossary of Formal Marketing Terms in Internet Business

Glossary of Formal Marketing Terms in Internet Business World News

Google dance
Google search engine results change frequently, and even more so in the past, when rankings and algorithms changed less frequently, this shuffling of results has become known as Google Dance.

Google Discover
Introduced in 2018, Google Discover is a new and updated Google feed, a personalized news and information feed for users of the Google Android or iOS app and all mobile browsers visiting the Google homepage.

Search Google Jobs
The Google Job Search engine allows recruiting companies and aggregators to post jobs directly to Google using a job posting scheme.

Google I / O
Google I / O is Google’s annual developer conference dedicated to technologies such as Android, Chrome, Chrome OS, APIs, and more. The I and O in the name of the conference stand for “enter” and “exit”.

Google News Sitemap
Google News Sitemap is a sitemap used to help Google index content related to Google News. The Google News Sitemap must only contain properties that comply with the various Google News policies.

Google Messages
Google Posts is a new limited social service from Google. Google describes it as “Your Google Search Catwalk.”

Google Webmaster Guidelines
The Google Webmaster Guidelines are a set of suggestions and policies from Google that webmasters must follow to ensure optimal website indexing.

Google Webmaster Tools
Google Webmaster Tools is the old name for the Google Search Console.

Googlebot is the main Google bot that is used to crawl web pages.

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