Earthquake hits Argentina

Earthquake hits Argentina World News

A strong earthquake occurred in Argentina on September 13, 2021. RIA Novosti reports this with reference to the US Seismological Agency.
According to the service, the magnitude of the aftershocks was 6.2.

The data of the International Seismological Survey (EMSC) are slightly different – 5.8 magnitudes. The earthquake was the next in a chain of disasters that hit the countries of America in August-September 2021. Earlier earthquakes of varying severity were also recorded in Mexico and Ecuador. In addition, Hurricane Alder hit Mexico.

The depth of the epicenter of the tremors was at a depth of 177 km. The South American continent is considered one of the most seismically active on the planet, its tectonic plates move too quickly. The source of the earthquake is located 76 km from the large city of San Antonio de la Cobre. The deaths and injuries were not reported. Apparently, there were no serious casualties and destruction due to the great remoteness of the center of seismic activity from settlements.

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