“Dbrand” company plans to produce panels for “PS 5”

"Dbrand" company plans to produce panels for "PS 5" World News

The Dbrand company has started to produce panels for PS 5. It turned out that the idea for the panels had been stolen from the Sony corporation. Thus, there was a conflict between large organizations. Later, Sony Corporation threatened Dbrand with a lawsuit. The Dbrand company, in turn, did not dare to sue the discoverers. Instead, they came up with unique panel designs. What is unique about them?

Additions made by Dbrand to its products:

1) updated design;

2) ventilation holes used to cool the system;

3) mesh lattices.

Also, the employees of the “Dbrand” company plan to produce not only black, but also white panels. According to the founder of the company, the first batch of goods has been sold. Sales of the second batch of goods will start in early 2022.

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