Coronavirus in Italy. Study: risk of death 15 times higher in unvaccinated people over 80

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The Italian Institute of Health Services on Saturday released the latest information on the coronavirus based on an analysis of data on the course of the epidemic. They show that the risk of death from coronavirus in unvaccinated people over 80 years old is 15 times higher than in vaccinated people.

Fully vaccinated older adults have a 5% risk of dying, while unvaccinated older adults have a higher than 76% risk of dying, according to the Italian Institute of Health. These data have been determined based on monitoring over the past 30 days. The study shows that the risk of dying from COVID-19 among unvaccinated people over 80 is 15 times higher than that of vaccinated people.

The number of unvaccinated people hospitalized in Italy due to COVID-19 is nine times higher than those taking two doses. Intensive care was attended by 13 times more infected people who did not receive the vaccine than those who were protected by it. According to experts, the vaccine reduces the risk of intensive care and death by 96%. The effectiveness of drugs in the prevention of infections is estimated at 77%.
Vaccinations in Italy
On Saturday, Italy’s health ministry announced 57 deaths from COVID-19 and 5,193 new cases of coronavirus infection.

Since the start of the pandemic in February last year, the death toll in the country has increased to 129,885. Currently, about 4,700 people are in hospitals, including 547 in intensive care units.

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