Colombian army intercepted a large consignment of drugs

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Colombian authorities have reported the interception of the largest drug consignment in recent years. This was reported by Rossiyskaya Gazeta with reference to the local mass media (mass media).

Colombian Armed Forces personnel intercepted a naval vessel carrying nearly 2.5 tons of cocaine with an estimated value of over $ 80 billion. The boat was driven by five people who did not offer resistance during the arrest, although they were armed. Information and technical support for the operation was also provided by the Armed Forces of the United States and Panama.

Colombian President Ivan Duque said the ship was heading to Central America. The interception was carried out in the Caribbean near the island of San Andreas. There were no casualties among the government forces.

Drug trafficking from South American countries has been going through Colombia for more than a decade. This is facilitated by the vast wild undeveloped spaces of the jungle, in which drug cartels have settled. The Colombian government, with US financial support, has been fighting them since the 1970s. 20th century


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